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Trust Mai Travel to plan your luxurious private tour of the Bay Of Islands, New Zealand. With our extensive expertise and 10+ years of experience working within the private tours market, we’ll ensure to plan a trip that goes above and beyond your expectations.

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Whether you’re looking for a family break or travelling as part of a small group, The Bay Of Islands offers something for everyone. Located just three hours north of Auckland and a thirty-minute flight from the town of Kerikeri, the Bay Of Islands is made up of 144 islands that are full of beautiful beaches, pristine oceans, exotic marine life, lush forests, waterfalls and a vast array of cultural delights.

Activities to enjoy on Bay Of Islands Tours

The three main towns in the Bay Of Islands are Russell, Paihia and Kerikeri. 

The main base for many travelers is the town of Paihia; this small seaside town has the most accommodation and hospitality options available to visitors in the Bay Of Islands. Thanks to its beachfront location Paihia acts as the perfect place for many to start their trip. You can spend your time in the town checking out the various waterfront bars and restaurants, shopping in the quaint boutique shops, or exploring Paihia’s long sandy beaches. 

The town of Russell holds a special place in the history of New Zealand, with it being the first town to be established as a permanent European settlement and seaport. The town’s streets have retained their original names and layout, and many of its original buildings can still be visited today. There are various accommodation options in the town alongside restaurants, cultural destinations, beaches and walking trails. 

Known as the ‘cradle of the nation’, Kerikeri is home to some of New Zealand’s most famous historical buildings, including the Stone Store and the Mission House, which were built in the 19th century by early European settlers, including the famous Reverend Samuel Marsden. Marsden is also credited for introducing the first grapevines, vineyards and wineries to Kerikeri, which you can still enjoy today. 

Mai Travel Luxury Private Tours New Zealand
Mai Travel Luxury Private Tours New Zealand
Mai Travel Luxury Private Tours New Zealand

Cruise the Islands:

Many choose to start their trip with a cruise around the islands, with most island tours setting out from Paihia Wharf and Russell Wharf. From there, how you spend your trip is up to you. You can enjoy various marine activities such as dolphin and whale watching, or cruises around the island bays. Explore the tranquil waters of the Bay Of Islands that are teeming with exotic marine life, and enjoy some of the best scuba diving and snorkelling opportunities in New Zealand.

If staying on dry land is more your thing, then there are plenty of trekking and mountain biking opportunities on the islands, such as exploring Urupukapuka Island, or riding at the Waitangi mountain bike park, or on the Twin Coast Cycle Trail. 

For thrillseekers itching to take part in something that will push you out of your comfort zone, then consider taking part in a skydive. Here you’ll be launched out of a plane at 20,000 ft, before descending and landing onto one of the Bay Of Islands pristine beaches.

If you’re looking to gain an understanding of the area and New Zealand as a whole from a historical perspective, then you can visit the town of Waitangi, wherein 1840, the founding document of New Zealand, The Treaty of Waitangi, was signed between the chiefs of the Maori tribes and the British crown. 

Enjoy a tour that’s designed for you

We pride ourselves on designing your tour of the Bay Of Islands that caters to all your wants and needs. Let us know the type of holiday you’re after, and the activities you’d like to try, and we’ll design a trip that you’ll remember long after. 

Our team of travel experts will take the time to understand your unique group, and cater the activities to suit all. And if there are any special requirements we will cater to these too. 

Treasured moments

Those unforgettable precious moments can only happen when you are actually free to be in the moment. This is what drives us – removing all the unnecessary distractions so that you are truly free to soak in, be present, and experience every special moment of your holiday. 

Our priority is to provide you with a stress-free trip that allows you to travel in style, relax and enjoy everything New Zealand has to offer. From booking accommodation and activities to connecting you with people and places that no one else can, we’ll design a tour itinerary that you’re sure to love. 

Our flexible booking system allows you to choose the dates for your vacation that suit you, meaning you can easily avoid the crowds and enjoy the serene surroundings at your own pace. In addition, all of our vehicles are fully equipped with fast WIFI so that you can stay connected with family, friends, or colleagues back home throughout your trip no matter the location you’re travelling in. 

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